Frog Strobe Front - Druif

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Houston - 1987: a lab frog escapes from its enclosure and knocks a vile of stinky chemical gunk onto an unsuspecting LED, giving it special powers. The light escaped to a nearby medium security retirement home, where it spawned an army of multi-coloured freaks,hidden from civilization... until now. Front Light: 80 hrs (flashing), 50 hrs (steady). Rear Light: 70 hrs (flashing), 40 hrs (steady). Hi Powered surface mounted LED strobe system with lens. MODES 1. Strobe 2. DISCO Strobe 3. Strobe Pulse 4. Constant. Water-resistant. flexible silicone body. integrated clipping feature. quick-release mounting. Visible up to 600 metres. DIMENSIONS: 80 x 35 x 42 mm. WEIGHT: 19g. MATERIALS: Industrial Silicone Body. BATTERIES: 2 cOin cell - CR2032. FRONT: 8.5 lumens (LED Rating). REAR: 2.5 lumens (LED Rating).

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Kleur Druif
Montagepositie Voorkant
Kracht 8,5 Lumens
Barcode 9328389026116
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Leveranciersreferentie M-KN FROG 16 FR
Gewicht met verpakking (kg) 0.030
Breedte met verpakking (cm) 5.0
Lengte met verpakking (cm) 10.0
Hoogte met verpakking (cm) 3.0
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