Cobber Strap - Short

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Afbeelding Art.No. Product Sup.Ref. Grootte Eenheidsprijs
Cobber Strap - Short KN442.SHO Cobber Strap - Short 12227 S
€ 0,99
Cobber Strap - Long KN442.LON Cobber Strap - Long 12229 L
€ 0,99

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Technische kenmerken van Cobber Strap - Short

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Maat S
Barcode 9000000243422
Leveranciersreferentie M-KN442
Meer informatie
Gewicht met verpakking (kg) 0.010
Breedte met verpakking (cm) 5.0
Lengte met verpakking (cm) 6.0
Hoogte met verpakking (cm) 1.0
Knog refuses to conform to anyone or anything. What binds us together is the same passion and ferociousness to smash the mould, challenge the status quo, and revolutionise the way we think about lights and locks. The worldwide sub-cultures is where we find our inspiration. It's what drives us to consistently deliver fresh and innovative products that enable riders, walkers and urban adventurers around the world to discover their own sense of freedom, have fun, and live in the moment. No Ordinary Night, No Ordinary Light.