6 nutrition tips you need to know! 

Do you want to improve your personal sporting performance? Then you can't do without a proper nutrition strategy!

First of all, it’s important to emphasize that every athlete is unique. So there is no single nutrition strategy. However, to help you set up your own strategy, here are some tips to guide you:

1.      No experimentation!

It is essential to test the products several times during your workouts to see which products and quantities work best for you.

2.      Avoid foods that are difficult to digest.

Choose a meal high in carbohydrates and avoid foods high in fiber, fat, or protein.

3.     Choose the right fuel at the right time.

To help you reach your full potential, make sure you maintain a regular carbohydrate intake.

This means consuming products such as Smoothies, Energize Advanced bars, or Natural Energy bars before the race. And PowerGels during the race.

4.     Drink enough!

It may seem obvious, but good hydration is essential during endurance exercise. The optimum amount to drink will of course depend on the individual, but also on the weather conditions.

To compensate for electrolytes lost through perspiration, don't hesitate to opt for a drink enriched with sodium and other electrolytes, such as IsoMax, IsoActive, or 5 Electrolytes.

5.      Boost your performance with caffeine.

In the right doses, caffeine helps with concentration and reduces the effects of fatigue. For a caffeine boost, opt for PowerGel Shots Cola, PowerGel Cherry, Cola, Mojito, Black Currant, Espresso, Green Apple, or Mango-Passion.

6.       Prepare for recovery.

The replenishment of your energy reserves must be done as quickly as possible. To do this, choose foods high in carbohydrates, needed to replenish the body's glycogen reserves, and quality proteins, important for repairing and rebuilding muscle mass.

Last but not least, proper rehydration is essential for good recovery.

Recommended products for regeneration: Recovery Max, Protein+, Clean Whey, and High Protein Shake.

Now it's up to you to conduct your own experiments to discover and implement the strategy that suits you best.

Examples of nutrition strategies

Depending on the length of your event. 

For a 3 hours race (ex.)

In the hour before: 

1 Energize bar

+approx. 150-300ml liquid


After 45 minutes : 1 / 2 Energize bar

After 1 h 45 min : 4-5 PowerGel Shots

After 2 h 30 min : 1 PowerGel Original

Every 15 minutes 150ml d'ISO Active

Immediately after: 

2 serving of Recovery Max

For a 6 hours race (ex.)

In the hour before: 

 1Energize bar

 + 1 ampoule de Caffeine

+ approx. 150-300ml liquid


Every 20-30 minutes during the 3 first hours :

1 / 2 Energize bar

Every 20-30 minutes in the last three hours  :

1 Powergel Hydro

Every 15 minutes 150ml d'ISO Active

Immediately after: 

2 serving of Recovery Max


During a long cycle race, it is recommended to consume around 60-90 g of carbohydrates per hour, depending on some factors such as individual capacity and performance level. We recommend a mix of different sports nutrition products with appropriate traditional foods.