Plug Starter Pack Wall (15 Lights)

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About Plug Starter Pack Wall (15 Lights)

Plug is for every rider looking for bright, easy to attach lights, with incredible visibility from a range of angles. Plug uses overmolded TPU, which is an extremely flexible and durable rubber-like material, and is packed with technology, such as a domed rear lens and cut-outs in the front light body for improved side visibility. Even with all of the light being dispersed by the Plug, riders don't need to sweat the battery life - with up to 240+ hours run-time at the front and 100+ hours of run-time on the rear using eco-flash mode. Designed to work with all genres of bicycles from commuters to aero road bikes, the Plug comes with three different silicone bands for securing it to handlebars, seat stays, and of course, seatposts. 6 x Front Black, 5 x Rear Black, 4 x Twinpack Black

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