New from Knog !

Shine with the new Blinder from Knog!

If you're looking for powerful lighting to keep you safe on your bike, whether you're reaching a specific destination or just enjoying the ride, look no further! The new Blinder Integrated are just perfect!

Compact, and functional design:

For this new light, KNOG has opted for a new, more innovative manufacturing process!

Available in 600 lumens, 900 lumens, and 1300 lumens, these new Blinders are produced from a single piece of industrial-grade 6061 aluminum, CNC machined and anodized for an unrivaled durable finish. This production method enables the brand to offer lighting that's incredibly strong, light, and naturally resistant to the elements.

These Blinders also feature dual-function side vents and chassis cooling fins, allowing self-regulation of battery temperature and preventing overheating of the light head.

A powerful beam of light focused on the road:

The new Blinders combine two wide-beam and two narrow-beam optics. It's thanks to this combination that these lights project a powerful overall beam that gives you quality illumination up to 100 m and at an angle of 22˚.

Additional side safety: 

To significantly increase driver visibility and safety, these new Blinder Integrated also feature side lights, perpendicular to the direction of the lamp.

Multiple mounting options:

Blinders are supplied with a flexible handlebar mount designed to be mounted in a variety of locations, both above and below the handlebar. With this bracket, Knog multiplies mounting options to best suit the bike's configuration.
These lights are also compatible with the GoPro mount (supplied with the Blinder 900 and 1300, optional for the 600).

Smart silicone button:

Thanks to the integration of a LED-lit silicone button, there's no need to worry about your lamp going out unexpectedly. 

In fact, it shows you the battery status in real-time. The LED light glows red when the battery drops below 10%, green when the Blinder is charging, and the light goes out once the lamp has reached its full charge capacity. Finally, thanks to this button, you can also keep an eye on the battery level with a single click when the lamp is switched off.

100% waterproof :

With an IP67 rating, Blinder can be immersed in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes and come out intact.

Rechargeable via USB-C :

As with all Knog products, there's no need to worry about disposable batteries. The Blinder is equipped with an advanced Lipo rechargeable battery that delivers exceptional runtime performance and recharges quickly using a USB-C cable.

6 available modes: