Baby Nutty - Heart Eyes

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About Baby Nutty - Heart Eyes

•Soft inner pads to maximize comfort

•Magnetic pinch-free lock

•MIPS protection against rotational impact

•Lots of ventilation front vents have bug nets

•Size : 48-52cm

•Weight : 290 g

Our Baby Nutty helmet has been an industry leader for safety and comfort for the last 3 years.

Featuring the MIPS safety feature and our baby specific EPS protective foam, designed to disperse any force and protect their growing brains!

The updated design provides maximum comfort and fit, while focusing on head support and posture for their little neck and head.

The really soft inner padding is perfect for a soft baby skin and the side straps can be easily adapted so the Baby Nutty helmet is perfect for a baby's head circumference of 47-50cm. A comfortable, perfect fit is top priority for a safe helmet.

No pinching and no tears with our updated Fidlock magnetic buckle system.

Available options

Image Art.No. Product Sup.Ref. Print Size Price per Unit
Baby Nutty - Take Off NC101.TAK.XXS Baby Nutty - Take Off 10002439 Take Off 2XS
€ 69,99
Baby Nutty - Moove Over NC101.MOO.XXS Baby Nutty - Moove Over 10002440 Moove Over 2XS
€ 69,99
Baby Nutty - Galaxy Guy NC101.GAG.XXS Baby Nutty - Galaxy Guy 10002805 Galaxy Guy 2XS
€ 69,99
Baby Nutty - Heart Eyes NC101.HEY.XXS Baby Nutty - Heart Eyes 10003404 Heart Eyes 2XS
€ 69,99
Baby Nutty - Sucker Punch NC101.SUC.XXS Baby Nutty - Sucker Punch 10002442 Sucker Punch 2XS
€ 69,99
Baby Nutty - Very Berry NC101.VEB.XXS Baby Nutty - Very Berry 10002815 Very Berry 2XS
€ 69,99
Baby Nutty - Baby Shark NC101.BAS.XXS Baby Nutty - Baby Shark 10002801 Baby Shark 2XS
€ 69,99
Baby Nutty - Love Bug NC101.LOB.XXS Baby Nutty - Love Bug 10001783 Love Bug 2XS
€ 69,99
Baby Nutty - Petal To Metal NC101.PTM.XXS Baby Nutty - Petal To Metal 10001781 Petal To Metal 2XS
€ 69,99
Baby Nutty - Z Brah NC101.ZBR.XXS Baby Nutty - Z Brah 10001779 Z Brah 2XS
€ 69,99

Available options

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Print Heart Eyes
Weight 290 g
Size 2XS
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Product size 48-52cm
Supplier reference 10003404


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