Discover Quad Lock® bicycle smartphone mounts: the lightest, strongest, and most secure on the market.

Whatever your preferred sport, the Quad Lock® brand has the mounting bracket you need to track your performance and guide you on your journey.

Immerse yourself in the Quad Lock universe, an ecosystem designed to simplify your life by offering smart mounting solutions for your phone.


Thanks to the patented twist & lock system, you can ride confidently over bumps and jumps, confident that your smartphone will remain attached to your bike.


Simply turn and lock your phone to view apps like Strava®, MapmyRide, or Google Maps while you ride. Detach it just as quickly so you don't miss an opportunity to take a photo or make an important phone call.


The tough polycarbonate core and TPU edge-to-edge outer shell absorb shocks and protect your phone day in, and day out. With its slim profile and soft-touch material, it's perfect for everyday use.


All Quad Lock® Cases are also available in a MAG version, featuring advanced magnetic technology for quicker, easier installation and removal. These new frames combine classic twist & lock fastening with magnetic fastening. With Quad Lock® cases, you can take advantage of the entire brand ecosystem: induction charging, 360° rotation, hands-free car kits, etc.

The optional rain cover can be added to any kit.


Stem Mount: Perfect for those who like to keep an eye on the road, this mount attaches easily and securely to your bike's stem, giving you a centered view of your phone, ideal for intuitive use.

Out Front Mount (Pro): If you prefer a clear, panoramic view of your phone, the Out Front Mount is for you. Designed for aerodynamics, these two mounts attach to the front of your handlebars. While the Out Front Mount can be inverted to fit over your bike's handlebar stem, the Out Front Mount Pro features a lower profile and a super-rigid anodized aluminum mounting arm.

The Out Front Mount (Pro) is also compatible with the Quad Lock® action camera adapter.

Whatever your choice, all Quad Lock® mounts are designed to offer secure attachment and easy access to your phone while you ride.

Many cyclists have already made the Quad Lock® choice. Join them and discover the perfect union of protection, accessibility, and multi-purpose with Quad Lock® products!

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